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 A N I M E

           Bespoke Music Composition for Media I Film entertainment, Gaming and Anime


The Mighty Grand Piton is a short film about a young British girl, Connie, who travels to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia for her school holidays with her family. There, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the Island. This robot seems compelled to protect Saint Lucia but his origins are mysterious. No one knows where he came from or how long he’s been there. During the many years he’s lain dormant, The Mighty Grand Piton, became nothing more than the stuff of legend.

Music:                                    Rina May Project                                                                           

Written and Sung by:            Rina May 

Created and Directed by:     Wesley Louis   

Production Company:           The Line Animation  



The Line & No Ghost teamed up to create a fan animation of Gundam in celebration of our year together working in the same office.

Music:                                    Rina May Project                                                                 

Lyrics written and Sung by:   Rina May 

Directed by:                           Wesley Louis   

Production Company:           The Line Animation / No Ghost 



In 2013 Wes found the comic stuffed into the back of an old folder. 10 pages that, though unfinished, and slightly ravaged by time, perfectly captured all the joys and obsessions of a 13 year old child of the 90’s. Desert chrome, speedlines, ninjas, saturday morning cartoons, it was all there. The blueprint for his career, scrawled onto yellowing paper with a startling degree of skill.

Music:                                    Rina May Project                                                               

Lyrics written and sung by:   Rina May

Directed by:                           Wesley Louis   

Production Company:           The Line Animation / No Ghost 



E4 Stings 

Music:                                     Rina May Project                                                               

Lyrics written and sung by:    Rina May

Directed by:                           Louis and McCourt   


Music by: Rina May Project


Spitfire teamed up with HBO’s Westworld to bring  an exclusive competition, judged by the show’s creators. The challenge was to download and score a scene from Westworld Season 3. 

Entries ARE judged by an elite panel comprising one of Rina May's favourite composer'S, Ramin Djawadi, as well as the creators: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams and the team at Spitfire Audio.


The music score by RMP was composed from scratch and entered into the competition in just 24 HRS FROM FINDING OUT ABOUT IT. 

rina: '' it was fun challenge that encouraged a new community and network of composers. The competition is high which makes it even more exciting. In addition it is a great way to connect with music peers.''

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"Rina was brilliant to work with and I’m so delighted with the final music, which is instinctive, imaginative, unique and totally perfect for the film! "

- Ruth Pickett [ Film Director ]

Management: info@rinamayproject.com                                  


Director:                      Ruth Pickett Film 

Status:                         Unreleased

Music:                          Rina May Project

Written and sung by:  Rina May 


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